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Method for encapsulating a nanostructure, coated nanostructure and use of a coated nanostructure

Jeong, H. H., Lee, T. C., Fischer, P.

Google Patents, 2016, WO Patent App. PCT/EP2016/056,377 (patent)

The present invention relates to a method for encapsulating a nanostructure, the method comprising the steps of: -providing a substrate; -forming a plug composed of plug material at said substrate; -forming a nanostructure (on or) at said plug; -forming a shell composed of at least one shell material on external surfaces of the nanostructure, with the at least one shell material covering said nanostructure and at least some of the plug material,whereby the shell and the plug encapsulate the nanostructure. The invention further relates to a coated nanostructure and to the use of a coated nanostructure.


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