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Modeling interruption and resumption in a smartphone task: An ACT-R approach




This research aims to inspect human cognition when being interrupted while performing a smartphone task with varying levels of mental demand. Due to its benefits especially in the early stages of interface development, a cognitive modeling approach is used. It applies the cognitive architecture ACT-R to shed light on task-related cognitive processing. The inspected task setting involves a shopping scenario, manipulating interruption via product advertisements and mental demands by the respective number of people shopping is done for. Model predictions are validated through a corresponding experimental setting with 62 human participants. Comparing model and human data in a defined set of performance-related parameters displays mixed results that indicate an acceptable fit – at least in some cases. Potential explanations for the observed differences are discussed at the end.

Author(s): Wirzberger, Maria and Russwinkel, Nele
Journal: i-com
Volume: 14
Number (issue): 2
Year: 2015
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter {GmbH}

Department(s): Rationality Enhancement
Bibtex Type: Article (article)

DOI: 10.1515/icom-2015-0033


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