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From left to right: Umut Sanli, Gisela Schütz and Kahraman Keskinbora

3D Nanofabrication of high-resolution X-ray focusing lenses

Scientists at the Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems developed advanced lenses for X-Ray microscopes to be able to see inside of materials in high resolution of only a few nanometers in size. Their unique layer-by-layer 3D fabrication method allows them to build extremely precise multilayered diffractive lenses with virtually unlimited aspect ratios.

3D Nanofabrication high-resolution X-ray focusing lenses magnetism magnetic systems


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Umut Sanli
Postdoctoral Researcher
mms Thumb sm keskinbora
Kahraman Keskinbora
Research Group Leader
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Gisela Schütz
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Linda Behringer
Public Relations